Translators / interpreters for all your events

Do you need efficient communication between people speaking different languages, to ensure the success of your event?

With a long experience in this field, Iatom Group stands ready for you with experienced translators/interpreters, for situations requiring either simultaneously or consecutively (including chuchotage) language interpretation. We provide this services for conferences, business meetings, diplomatic meetings, auctions, focus groups, trainings, presentations, workshops and other events, both in Romania and abroad.

Our certified intepreters can also act as escorts for foreign guests or provide assistance with the signing of documents (business negociations, notary public, state officials) for persons who are not romanian citizens.

Our efficiency and experience recommend us as trusted partners. We accumulated many years of providing language interpretation for events of various types (legal, business, economy, diplomacy, technical, etc), both for common languages (english, french, german, etc), as well as for rare languages (turkish, chinese, arabic, japanese, dutch, etc). We worked for clients both romanian and foreign (Danone, Lidl, Cecoforma, The National Bank of Romania, Tiriac Leasing, Dorna, Astra Insurance, Cristian Tour), as well as for important state institutions (The Romanian Government, The Romanian Parliament, The Ministry of Agriculture, The Ministry of Tourism).

IATOM GroupTranslation Agency in Bucharest: Interpreters for business meetings, conferences, trainings, focus groups, interviews, and any events requiring simultaneous and consecutive language interpretation. We are available for events both inside Romania and abroad.