Our clients’ recommendations

Amaury Caeymaex, Framework Contract Manager – CECOFORMA

We have been very satisfied with the flexibility and the professionalism of the interpretation services of Iatom during the NGO Forum we have organized during three days and with over 200 participants.

Veronica Badia, Assistant Manager – EFACEC CENTRAL EUROPE LIMITED LLC

The Iatom Group is an easy recommendation, we collaborate with them since 2009, and we appreciate the quality of their services and their well-trained personnel. All this time they proved themselves prompt and forthcoming, even in situations that required urgent solutions.

Sebastian Voicu, Legal Advisor – ROMFRACHT SPEDITION LLC

Our collaboration with your agency was one at the highest quality standards, you have always proven yourselves as earnest and professional.

Orbulescu Georgiana, Executive Assistant – Epsilon Mobile Solutions Ltd

We are very pleased with the quality of your services and with the way in which your team answered our requests.

Ing. Bertescu Paul, Technical Department Engineer – SCIT IMPEX LLC

If we were to give a qualification for Iatom’s services, regarding quality, promptitude and earnestness, it would have to be „Very Good”. Iatom continuously proved their professionalism and integrity during our collaboration, they constantly met our deadlines and requirements.

IATOM GroupTranslation Agency in Bucharest: Interpreters for business meetings, conferences, trainings, focus groups, interviews, and any events requiring simultaneous and consecutive language interpretation. We are available for events both inside Romania and abroad.