Equipment for simultaneous language interpretation

echipamenteIf there is no sound amplification or simultaneous interpreting equipment available at the location of your event, we can provide it for you at an additional fee.

Interpreter Booths

cabineA. Simultaneous interpreter tabletop booths. They offer light sound attenuation, the sound in the room may interfere with interpreting and listening.

B. Full-size, soundproof booths. Provides acoustic insulation for the interpreters, and the listeners can listen unimpeded to the source message or the interpretation via their headsets.

Booth placement must enable the interpreter to keep eye contact with the speaker (and any type of event-related visual communication).

Interpretation Consoles

statiiThe interpretation console transmits the interpreted message to the listeners via headphones; the transmission being done by wire or wireless.

Transmission Systems

statieA. Radio wave system, emitting in the FM, VHF, UHF ranges. It presents the risk of unauthorized interception.
B. Analog infrared. It’s adequate for rooms of all sizes, but can be affected by sunlight or fluorescent lamps.
C. Digital infrared. It’s adequate for rooms of all sizes, and because the transmission is digital, the system is less affected by sunlight or fluorescent lamps.


receptoriListeners headphones are equipped with receivers that can be wired, wireless, or infrared. Receptors are chosen taking into consideration the type of transmission and the number of target languages.

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