What is language interpretation?

Language interpretation is the facilitating of verbal communication between people of different languages. An interpreter chooses the most appropriate vocabulary to convert a message in a source language into its linguistic, emotional and cultural equivalent in the target language. This process can happen either simultaneously, in „real time”, or consecutively, with the speaker and the interpreter taking turns.

The terms „interpretation” and „translation” are not synonymous, despite being commonly used in each other’s place. Interpreting is the instant rendering of the meaning of a verbal message from one language to another. Translation is the transfer of the meaning of a text (written or recorded) from one language to another, with the translator having time to consider and revise each word and with access to resources (dictionaries, glossaries, etc.) to produce an accurate document.

Modes of language interpretation

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image18830131For the activity of language interpretation, a variety of methods have appeared that are currently in use. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, making it more appropriate to a specific situation.

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Equipment for simultaneous language interpretation

echipamenteIf there is no sound amplification or simultaneous interpreting equipment available at the location of your event, we can provide it for you at an additional fee.
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Situations encountered in interpretation work

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image899216Often a message appears longer after interpretation in the target language than it was in the source language. Such differences occur because different languages have particular characteristics that make them more efficient in some situations. Unlike languages such as Spanish, English is a genderless language, which makes the transmission of information less compact. Thus interpretation into English language takes more words and more time for the same informational content.

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