Situations encountered in interpretation work a message appears longer after interpretation in the target language than it was in the source language. Such differences occur because different languages have particular characteristics that make them more efficient in some situations. Unlike languages such as Spanish, English is a genderless language, which makes the transmission of information less compact. Thus interpretation into English language takes more words and more time for the same informational content.

Message length modifications of such situations as those enumerated above, interpretation requires delay time, or longer „processing” time. This delay allows the interpreter to assimilate nouns and verbs in order to arrange the phrase in a grammatically-correct way, as he chooses an accurate vocabulary before he begins transmitting the message. It is important to remember delay time when working with interpreters, in order to avoid accidental interruptions and to receive a complete message.

Various approaches in simultaneous interpretation

statiiSome situations use a sentence-by-sentence interpretation. This takes up less memorization, so there is less chance of omissions, with the disadvantage that the interpreter doesn’t hear an entire idea, and rendering the message is made difficult by lack of context and interruptions. This method is often used in interpreting speeches, depositions, official statements, court testimonies, medical or job interviews; but it is usually better to hear a whole idea before starting to interpret it.

Uninterrupted consecutive interpretation makes possible for the interpreter to understand the complete sense of the message, before rendering it into the target language. This method of interpretation is more precise, accurate and accessible than simultaneous interpretation allows for.

Judicial, law or court interpreting court interpreting, it is not allowed to omit any element of the source message; no matter how fast the source speaker talks, accurate interpretation is mandatory. Altering even a single word can be misleading. For such an accuracy level, it is most important to use a team of at least two interpreters during a lengthy trial; as one interpreter is actively interpreting, the second one assists him for increased accuracy.

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